Monday, April 27, 2009

Rudolf's barkday

Yesterday I went to Rudolf's 3rd barkday at K9 Campus. I of course had a blast because it's my first time being off leash by my pawrents. I couldn't have that privilege in the country where I was at before Singapore.

Anyway, I met lotsa pawfriends over there! I was sooooo excited. I love Goofy a lot, but too bad he's already attached to Maggie my ex-neighbor :( But my hooman also told me that he's a HE, no matter what I can't be together with him. Sighs.

I can't post pictures here yet because my male hooman hasn't given my female hooman the photo files. But once they have already been given, they will be posted on my Facebook. Feel free to add me, here's my address: sikecilmungil@hotmail

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good morning, Daddy!

Daddy F was away from Singapore in January and mommy J had to send him my picture daily. On one fine morning, this is the picture that she took of me.

"Good morning, Daddy!"


Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate Jakarta

... because Jakarta invited F&J to go back for a 10-day vacation. ALL WITHOUT ME! How furious, you tell me.

Just received news from J that she is deeply depressed over a bad news about my Cocker Spaniel brother, Kiddo (Maggie's brother). Apparently the new adopter said that he's been acting strangely these days (barked and snapped at people a lot). He suddenly turned into a new dawg that I almost don't recognize anymore. But I still love him as a brother and I still miss him thoroughly every single day.

J's wild guess is that he wasn't treated well by the damned adopters before the current one. They locked him up in the kitchen just because they're afraid he would go and snap at their other stupid tiny bitches. And they got cold feet everytime he started running around the house energetically. Well, he's still a puppy by that time, and knowing it's a Spaniel breed, they should spare more patience in training him right? Geez, some people are just so very ... unable to think!

F & J have talked through the problem though. And now comes the good news is that, they might probably import him here as well as how they did it to me.


Importing him back to our little family is what we're all really looking forward to since the very beginning. It was because of some lack of financial by that time to import the two of us here. I'm one lucky pooch because I got the chance to feel the life here in Singapore, and not being adopted here and there for three times in a month like what my brother Kiddo went through before :( I felt terribly sorry for him.

Well you guys just pray for the three of us okay? Hopefully by the right time comes (we're looking at July 2009), F & J are already more settled with the family financial problem and therefore could afford to bring him over and the four of us will start living in a more convenient house.

All my paws are crossed and I'm praying to Jesus to have this come to life :)

I miss you, Kiddo.

Terribly much.

Monday, November 3, 2008


So it's November... sorry for my disappearance as currently J has been so caught up in her own world *sneers*
I was so pissed the other day. F was walking me at night and we ran into this mongrel lad. His dad was saying I looked like a puppy.

What. I am 2.5 years old. That's a huge insult for such cool hunk like me, you know. Any advice from other GR friends on how to grow muscles? I desperately need one because I need to find a gf soon, you see. ;)

J has been feeding me this fish lever oil supplement called Burp!, I like it. Everytime I see her shaking the bottle I will pose my 'Good Boy' position and happily reach for it. Yum de yum.

What kind of supplements are you guys having the mo? Let's share. =)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hallow pawow..

Sorry for the lack of post because J has been giving excuse that she's busy with works. Hokayyyyy. Whatever *rolls eyes*

I have been doing great. Yesterday I had a gourmet dindins *glurp*: oatmeal + carrot + lettuce + kibble and later at night I had one spoon of yogurt. BD

I missed the Dog Gathering last week at WCDR because F suddenly had to go out to do research and J wanted to go shopping *hooman and their sell fish ness* so I had to stay at home sulking.

I am bored at home and wish I could have a girlfriend to accompany me watch TV and kill time. You know. Sighs.

I'll try to post picture on the next post. J is rushing to work again. -_-"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sign my guestbook, pwease?


I pose whenever I could. This is the best pose ever by me. Taken by F during my showering time. (Seriously J, we so need to get a proper camera!!)

Today after work, F came home and spent a good daddy-and-son moment with me. Again, I posed.

We're looking at... girls.... :">
Then J came.... (ah bugger!) and we started to act cute

I also posed with my favorite Canon Jr. plushie.

Anyway, I'm glad I made a new pawfriend today, he is Mango the Maltese from Texas *wags tail*. Nice to know you and it's a nice name you have there. *slurps!*